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Tina Bru met the Belgian Minister of energy

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Publisher Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

Tina Bru, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, met with Belgian Minister of Energy Tinne van der Straeten on Thursday for discussions on CCS, offshore wind and hydrogen.

Tina Bru møtte den belgiske energiministeren Tinne van der Straeten digitalt 29. april 2021. Credit: Minister van Energie

In the digital meeting, Tina Bru presented the Norwegian government's climate plan, the Longship project on carbon capture and storage, and the current work on offshore wind power and hydrogen.

Norway and Belgium cooperate on several areas, for example under a joint declaration on energy cooperation and in EU processes. The countries participate in the North Seas Countries' Energy Cooperation, which Belgium chairs this year.

— Norway and Belgium has had a close cooperation on energy issues for several years, and have many mutual interests, says Tina Bru.

Belgium is an important market for Norwegian natural gas. Norway exports more than 15 billion cubic meters gas to Belgium annually, equivalent to the country's consumption. Belgium generates a quarter of its power in gas-fired power plants, and could see increased demand for natural gas as nuclear power is reduced. The country is also an interesting partner for Norway when it comes to hydrogen and CCS, and there is potential for increased cooperation both in industry and research.

Belgium has ambitious plan for the development of offshore wind power, with a target of 4 GW by 2030. Belgium is already half way there, and expects offshore wind to cover ten percent of their electricity demand this year.