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Norway participating in virtual Leaders Summit on Climate

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Publisher The Office of the Prime Minister

On Thursday and Friday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg is taking part in the virtual Leaders Summit on Climate, convened by US President Joe Biden. The objective of the Summit is to discuss how to promote stronger action to tackle the climate crisis.

‘Climate change is a global challenge, and it can only be solved through global cooperation. That is why it means so much that the US again is part of global climate change efforts. While greenhouse gas emissions have declined in the US in recent years, it is still important that the US is now seeking to play a more active international role with regard to technology development and emission cuts,’ said Ms Solberg.

At the start of the Summit, Mr Biden announced that the US will work towards reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 % by 2030.

Prime Minister Solberg is one of approximately 40 heads of state and government who have been invited to the Summit. Participants include the 17 largest economies in the world, which are responsible for roughly 80 % of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, as well as individual countries that have succeeded in implementing an ambitious climate policy.

On Friday, the Prime Minister will speak in the session on Unleashing Climate Innovation, where the focus is on the critical role of technological innovation in achieving a net-zero, climate-resilient economy.

‘The fact that Norway has been invited to this Summit confirms that we are in the international forefront as regards our climate policy. It also represents recognition of the efforts of all the people who have been working every day to develop and implement innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,’ said Ms Solberg.

A new public-private initiative to protect tropical forests was also presented in connection with the Summit. The Lowering Emissions by Accelerating Forest finance (LEAF) Coalition is a group of private companies and donor countries that aims to increase global climate ambitions by providing support to tropical forest countries that succeed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from forests. Norway is a member of the coalition.

‘The world’s tropical forests have an important role to play in combating climate change and preventing loss of biodiversity. Without these forests, food supplies and important ecosystem services, such as water supplies, are at risk of degradation. Even though the world community understands the need to preserve forests, there is not enough funding in place to support tropical forest countries that reduce deforestation. Norway’s International and Climate and Forest Initiative has been a significant contributor over many years, but more funding is needed,’ said Ms Solberg.