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Compact on Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Ladies and gentlemen, friends. Women are underrepresented in peace and security efforts. As a result, these efforts become less effective.

We know for a fact that including women leads to a more lasting peace.

More often than not, the rights, priorities and needs of women are not taken into account.

Their point of view is not heard.

Women do not have access to decision-making on equal terms.

Women peacebuilders are often stigmatized and exposed to threats.

The pandemic has made the situation for many women even more difficult.

Violence against women has increased, including sexual and gender-based violence.

Women stand stronger together.

Women’s networks are more important than ever.

Including those of women peacebuilders.

Fortunately, we have seen new networks emerge and flourish, including on digital platforms.

Norway is proud to be a board member of the Compact and a strong advocate for this agenda.

And we remain determined to promote progress.

Our next national action plan on women, peace and security is case in point.

We will pledge four times as much funding.

Because ambitious plans must come with financial resources.

From next year, we aim to deliver on this target. 

We will continue to promote the participation of women in peace processes.

We will commit to the framework set out for advocacy and policy work in the Compact.

We will lead by example when appointing delegations, mediators, special representatives and envoys.

And urge parties to conflict to follow our lead.

We will push for gender balance and inclusion mechanisms in all phases of peace processes.

Combatting conflict-related sexual violence and gender-based violence in humanitarian crises remains a priority.

Norway will work to enhance protection and services for victims.

And seek to strengthen compliance with international legal obligations.

We will emphasize access to sexual and reproductive health services in the humanitarian response to armed conflict.

Norway has joined the Action Coalition on Bodily Autonomy and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. 

Women and girls must decide over their own bodies, so that they can go to school, to work and participate in society.

When rules, culture or other obstacles do not stop them, women can be anything they aspire to be.

In Norway, for example, women are soldiers, police officers, pilots, captains and doctors.

And Prime Ministers. 

As an elected member of the Security Council, Norway will work hard to promote the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

We shall strive to make lasting impacts on the ground.

Because this is what this Compact is about.

Turning commitments into real improvements for women and men affected by conflict.

Thank you.