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Travelling abroad this summer?

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Publisher Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Many people living in Norway are planning to travel abroad this summer, but there are still many restrictions and rules in place, and the situation for travellers can be unpredictable. Here you will find the answers to some of the questions you might have with links to more information.

As of 5 July, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rescinded its advice against all non-essential travel for the Schengen area/EEA and the United Kingdom. This means it will be easier for citizens and residents of Norway to visit family and friends living in another country, travel for work and perhaps even take a holiday trip abroad.

The Ministry has also withdrawn the travel advice for certain countries on the EU’s list of epidemiologically safe third countries, i.e. non-EU/EEA countries. Please note that restrictions still apply as to the groups of foreign nationals that are allowed to enter Norway: Travel to Norway - regjeringen.no

Although the travel advice for some countries is being rescinded, there is still travel advice in place for many countries based on the COVID-19 pandemic or security and safety assessments. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, global travel advice had been issued for close to 50 countries. The travel advice issued previously still applies. See here for the overview in Norwegian

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to issue travel advice for countries or regions with a high level of infection. New travel advice may be issued at short notice. This will apply to countries in the Schengen area/EEA, Switzerland and the UK as well.

Things to think about before your departure from Norway

Travel insurance: It is essential to have valid travel insurance in case you become ill, have an accident, or something else unforeseen happens while you are travelling. Contact your insurance company well in advance of your trip to make sure you have valid travel insurance and find out what your policy covers.

Rules in the country you will be travelling to:  Before you travel, you need to find out about the rules that apply for entry into the country you will be visiting. See here for more information (in Norwegian).

You should consult the relevant country’s own official information pages or the Re-open EU website. 

Register your trip: We encourage all Norwegians to register their trip on the travel information portal www.reiseregistrering.no so that you can be reached at all times.

Make a travel plan: Plan the route for your trip. If you will be passing through another country in transit, you should check whether there are any specific rules that apply there. 

COVID-19 certificate: Check the EU/EEA control page to make sure that you have a valid QR-code for border crossings. COVID-19 certificate - helsenorge.no

Check the requirements relating to quarantine and quarantine hotels: Find out about the quarantine requirements that apply in the country you are travelling to. You must also make sure to check which rules apply for people returning to Norway from the country you are planning to visit. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health assesses the infection level in countries on a weekly basis to determine whether quarantine is required on return to Norway. 

Check whether you need to take a COVID-19 test: Find out whether the country you are planning to visit requires a negative COVID-19 test before entry and the time frame that is stipulated for this. Check whether you will need to have documentation of a negative test result taken less than 24 hours prior to entry to Norway on your return.   

Requirement to complete the entry registration form when returning to Norway:

Most people, including Norwegian citizens and residents, will be required to register their arrival before crossing the border into Norway. See here for the entry registration form and more information about who is required to complete it.

Travelling with children: When travelling with children, it is important to check the rules that apply to quarantine/COVID-19 certificates for children at your planned destination. In Norway, vaccinations are in general not available to anyone under the age of 18, so this age group does not have access to COVID-19 certificates. However, minors who have recovered from COVID-19 or have been vaccinated for various reasons may obtain a COVID-19 certificate. (COVID-19 certificate - helsenorge.no)

Children arriving from a country or region where quarantine is required on entry to Norway must go into quarantine even when they are travelling with adults who have a valid COVID-19 certificate.

As a rule, minors (children under the age of 18) arriving in Norway are not required to stay at a quarantine hotel. However, they are still subject to travel quarantine, and must be able to complete their quarantine at another suitable location. If the parents of the minor(s) involved are required to stay at a quarantine hotel, the minor(s) will be able to stay with them. See here for more information: Travel to Norway - regjeringen.no

Things to think about while you are travelling

Even though the Ministry has rescinded the travel advice, you may still be required to go into quarantine or stay at a quarantine hotel when you return to Norway. Infection levels can rise very quickly, and the requirements upon entry into Norway can change. Check the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s regularly while you are travelling.

The rules for countries you are planning to travel or transit through may change as well. Keep yourself up-to-date.

If you need assistance from the Ministry: Individuals are responsible for their own safety and security when they are travelling, but the embassies and consulates and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can provide assistance, advice and guidance.

Contact the closest embassy or consulate or the Foreign Service Response Center if you are in need of assistance. 

Things to think about before your return to Norway

Unless you are fully vaccinated or have had COVID-19 during the last six months, as documented by your COVID-19 certificate, you must do the following to be allowed to enter Norway:

  • complete the registration form prior to crossing the border. You cannot register your journey earlier than 72 hours prior to the time of arrival.
  • take a test for COVID-19 upon arrival in Norway. This also applies to children under the age of 12.

Quarantine requirements on entry into Norway: If you are entering Norway from a country or region assigned a colour code indicating that quarantine will be required, you must provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test. The test must be taken less than 24 hours prior to your arrival in Norway. You will be required to go into quarantine unless you are fully vaccinated or have had COVID-19 in the past six months, as documented by your COVID-19 certificate.