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New measures to fight global security challenges

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Publisher Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende has announced that Norway will allocate NOK 200 million annually to the fight against terrorism, organised crime, piracy and cyber threats.

The Government has today presented a white paper on global security challenges in Norway’s foreign policy, in which it announces a more effective and more coherent effort to address global security challenges.

‘Norway is facing growing and more complex security challenges, such as more frequent and more advanced cyber attacks, an increased terror threat level, and criminal networks that are financing militias and terrorist groups. These challenges are occurring at the same time and they are occurring globally. Our response must also be global, using instruments from development policy, foreign policy, justice policy and defence policy,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

The global security landscape has changed fundamentally in the past few years. To an increasing extent, we are seeing that non-traditional security threats and certain non-state actors are having an impact on the situation in Norway and globally.

The Government attaches importance to using development policy instruments to promote stability and prevent radicalisation, violent extremism, organised crime, piracy, cyber threats and conflict.

‘Norway’s security is now more directly affected by developments in other countries and other parts of the world than it was in the past. Problems of governance and development in fragile states affected by violent conflict are increasingly becoming our own security concerns,’ said Mr Brende. 

The Government is launching two new development programmes: one to support efforts to combat serious and organised crime and one to combat and prevent violent extremism and terrorism. Both programmes will be established in 2016 and will, in due course, have a combined budget of NOK 200 million annually. The Government also intends to enhance the exchange of information and cooperation between Norwegian ministries, agencies and other actors working in these fields. Two new forums for cooperation will be established to this end, and private sector actors, civil society organisations and academic and research groups will also participate in these forums with a view to sharing their knowledge. 

Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende will today present the new white paper together with Interpol’s Secretary General, Mr Jürgen Stock.
Time: 12.30
Place: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ground floor

Press contact: Ane Lunde, 976 71 250