Former minister for the Elderly and Public Health Sylvi Listhaug (Progress Party)

Minister for the Elderly and Public Health Sylvi Listhaug

Born: 1977
Appointed: 03/05/2019
Left: 18/12/2019

Work experience:
2018-2019 Member of parlament (Stortinget)
2015–2018 Minister of Immigration and Integration
2013–2015 Minister of Agriculture and Food
2012–2013 Senior consultant with First House
2010–2012 Council member for Health and care for the elderly
2006–2010 Council member for welfare and social services
2005–2005 Intern, House of Representatives, Washington DC
2004–2005 Council secretary for welfare and social services
2001–2004 Political advisor for Church, Education and Research Fraction, 
Progress Party's parliamentary group
2000–2001 Teacher, Sjøholt school, Ørskog municipality
1995–2000 Care assistant at Ørskog home for the elderly, Ørskog municipality
1996–2000 Teacher's education at Volda University College 
1994–1996 Secondary school graduate, Spjelkavik upper secondary school
Positions of trust: 
Has held a number of positions of trust in the Progress Party youth organization and the Progress Party since 1998. Including:  
2002–2006 Member of Progress Party youth organization central board 
2005– Member of Progress Party central board
1st deputy to the Storting from Oslo in the 2009-2013 period