State Secretary Emma Lind (Liberal Party)

Born: 1979
Appointed: 01/04/2021
Left: 14/10/2021

Lind was appointed as a State Secretary in the Ministry of Culture 1 April 2021.

Political appointments:

2021 State Secretary to the Minister of Culture and Equality Abid Raja

2020-2021 Political adviser to the Minister of Culture and Equality Abid Raja

2019–2020 Deputy city council representative and deputy committee member for urban and environmental planning, Kristiansand municipality

2015–2019 City council representative and committee member for arts and cultural development, Kristiansand municipality


Other appointments:

2015–2020 Deputy chair, Stiftelsen Kanonmuseet 

2017–2019 Deputy chair, AKKS Kristiansand 


Professional experience

2019–2020 Senior Adviser, Cultural Economy Project, Arts Council Norway

2007–2020 Researcher and research fellow, NORCE Research Institute (formerly Agderforskning)

2010– 2019 Lecturer, University of Agder (part-time)

2006–2007 Adviser, British Embassy, Oslo

2003–2004 Adviser, London Contemporary Dance School, The Place 



2004–2005 MA International Cultural Policy, University of Warwick, England

2001–2002 Postgraduate Diploma in Law, DeMontfort University, England

1998–2001 BA Dance and Culture, University of Surrey, England