Coronavirus: Major international effort to combat the pandemic

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The coronavirus has spread rapidly to all continents and is expected to have a serious impact in many countries, especially those that are highly vulnerable. Norway is working with several organisations and partners to help mitigate the short-term and long-term effects of the pandemic.

 A woman collects food in Deir Hafer, 60 km from Aleppo in Syria. WFP is working with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to distribute food to the most vulnerable.

Major effort against the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic’s economic and social ramifications will be dramatic. Poor countries with weak health systems and vulnerable population groups will likely be the hardest hit in terms of lives lost and economic damage.

Norway contributes tothe  funds launched by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Here   with Ine Eriksen Søreide, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway. Credit: UN Photo

UN - the most important cooperation body

The United Nations is our most important international cooperative body and plays a key role in coordinating, planning and carrying out a variety of initiatives. To enable UN organisations to quickly address the coronavirus pandemic, Norway moved up its provision of core funding and has already made most of this year’s disbursals.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Minister of International Development, Dag-Inge Ulstein, are talking to the Cepi president, Richard Hachett.  Credit: MFA

Vaccines and therapeutic medicines

Vaccines are the most effective preventative measures against pandemics, which is why Norway is highly involved in the effort to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. Norway also seeks to ensure that any new vaccine will be distributed fairly, so poor countries will be able to employ it.


Helping the most vulnerable

The United Nations has estimated that nearly 170 million people will require humanitarian assistance in 2020. Norway has therefore set aside more money, made advance payments and granted extra flexibility to humanitarian organisations, thus enabling them to respond more effectively to direct and indirect effects of the pandemic.

Other measures and initiatives supported by Norway

Much of Norway’s country-level development and humanitarian assistance can be continued. And Norway is backing UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' urgent call for a global ceasefire in response to the coronavirus outbreak.