News about The National Budget 2021

  • Future scenarios for the pandemic

    01/02/2021 News story Ministry of Health and Care Services

    The Government is now presenting three potential pathways for the pandemic and infection control measures going forward: An optimistic scenario, a middle-ground scenario and a pessimistic scenario.

  • NOK 825 million for mandatory border testing

    31/01/2021 News story Ministry of Health and Care Services

    From 18 January, all travellers to Norway from countries on the travel quarantine list are obliged to get tested before entering the country. Capacity at existing testing centres has been expanded and more testing centres have been established.

  • The National Budget 2021: 80 billion kroner to improved transport nationwide

    14/10/2020 Press release Ministry of Transport

    “The government's transport policy binds the nation and its citizens closer together. We are building roads and railways at a rapid pace, which helps to create jobs. This is important at a time when we are striving to bring Norway out of the corona crisis. With investments both in new projects and the maintenance of existing infrastructure, we are ensuring that Norway is safer, better and more environmentally friendly. In the national budget for 2021, we once again emphasise that the transport sector is important to this government. We are in the process of creating a greener future and helping people to get back to work”, says Minister of Transport Knut Arild Hareide.

  • Major focus on North Norway

    07/10/2020 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Children and Families, Ministry of Education and Research

    ‘The Arctic is our most important area of strategic responsibility. This is reflected in the budget proposal for 2021 and in the Government’s long-term priorities. We must safeguard Norwegian interests in the north and to do so we must further develop North Norway as a strong, viable and highly competent region,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

  • Stronger focus on global health

    07/10/2020 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    ‘The Covid-19 pandemic and the measures implemented to combat it have dramatic ramifications for developing countries, and are leading to increased  economic decline, poverty, unemployment and hunger. Groups that are already vulnerable are particularly hard hit. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of investing in the health sector, particularly in countries with weak health systems. The Government has therefore proposed an increase in funding for global health efforts of NOK 500 million in the budget for 2021. The total allocation for global health will be close to NOK 4 billion,’ said Minister of International Development Dag-Inge Ulstein.

  • NOK 5.5 billion for humanitarian assistance in 2021

    07/10/2020 Press release Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    ‘The Government has proposed an overall humanitarian budget of NOK 5.5 billion for 2021. The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance and protection worldwide is higher than ever before. With this budget, Norway will continue to be one of the largest humanitarian donors in the world,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

  • The National Budget 2021: Producing more and making working life more inclusive

    07/10/2020 Press release Ministry of Finance

    Norway has in 2020 experienced an economic setback without precedent since the war. Activity has been on the rebound in the last few months, but the road ahead remains fraught with uncertainty. The fiscal budget for 2021 shall help Norway recover the coronavirus crisis.

  • The National Budget 2021: Key Figures in the National Budget 2021

    07/10/2020 Press release Ministry of Finance

    To ensure simultaneous access to potentially market-sensitive macroeconomic data, the Ministry of Finance publishes selected key figures prior to the National Budget and fiscal budget launch at 10:00 a.m. More detailed estimates will be published together with the National Budget.