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Register of Persons "Norway's Governments since 1814"



Quisling, Vidkun Abraham Lauritz (1887-1945)
counc state FD 1931-1932, counc state FD 1932-1933,
prime min Q 1940, also min for aff Q 1940,
min pres NS 1942-1945

Qvam, Ole Anton (1834-1904)
counc state JD 1891-1893, counc state JD 1898-1899,
counc state ID 1899-1900, also chief of RevD 1900
also chief of LD 1900
counc state JD 1900-1902, prime min S 1902-1903

Qvigstad, Just Knud (1853-1957)
counc state KUD 1910-1912

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