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Norwegian 4th Ministry (Interior Affairs)

Councillor of State 1814 - 1818

Councillor of state is the traditional title of a Norwegian member of government who is not prime minister or foreign minister. The title is often used synonymously with the title of minister, and was introduced by royal decree of 19 May 1814. The prime minister and the other government members form the Norwegian Council of State when meeting under the King's presidency.

2nd Ministry (Interior Affairs)/
4th Ministry (Interior Affairs)


2 March 1814 - 31 December 1818 

2nd Ministry (interior affairs) (2 March 1814 - 30 November 1814)
1814-         : Jonas Collett

4th Ministry (interior affairs) (30 November 1814 - 31 December 1818)
         -1816: Jonas Collett
1816          : Herman Wedel Jarlsberg
1816          : Christian Krohg
1816-1817: Herman Wedel Jarlsberg
1817-1818: Jonas Collett

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