Norwegian Ministry of Development Cooperation

Private Secretary 1984 - 1989

The post as political adviser in Norwegian government ministries is the continuation of two posts which developed from the late 1940's -private secretary from 1946 and private adviser from 1974. In 1992 the two posts were replaced by the post as political adviser.

The state secretaries and the political advisers are the political collaborators of the prime minister and the ministers. The state secretaries are appointed by the King, while the political advisers are appointed by the Office of the Prime Minister.


1 January 1984 - 31 December 1989

Private Secretary
1984-1985: Hanne Marie Kaarstad
1985-1986: Idar Magne Holme
1986-1987: Vidar Bjørnstad
1987-1988: Janne Svegården
1989          : Åslaug Haga