Structure "Norway's Governments since 1814"

The registry "Norway's Governments since 1814" consists of three parts:



Governments since 1814
The list of governments covers both the rather prolonged government periods before 1884 and the gradualy parliamentarily dependent governments since then.

Persons are listed according to date of appointment, then according to seniority as councillor of state/minister and then according to the ranking of ministries established on 30 November 1814 - with later additions and adjustments of 7 June 1905.  From this date the minister of foreign affairs has for the most of the time ranked second to the prime minister, irrespective of seniority.

Persons are listed with name, title when appointed or re-appointed, date of appointment (if this does not coincide with that of the government), ministry at appointment or re-appointment, possible shift of ministry, and date of resignation (if this does not coincide with that of the government). "Resignation" is used independently of why resignations have taken place. 

The system that most councillors of state/ministers in the period 1814 - 1905 alternated in serving at the Norwegian Council of State Division in Stockholm, results in rather long paragraphs for some of the persons.

The members of the Administration Council in Oslo in 1940, the members of the illegal Nazi governments in Oslo 1940-1945, and the chief officers administering the ministries in Oslo 8-14 May 1945, are listed in part I under the paragraph on the period 1905-45.

Ministries and offices since 1814
The registry also covers the office of secretary to the Council of State, which in 1814 was termed secretary to the Government, 1814-1925 state secretary, 1926-2001 secretary to the Council of State and from 2001 secretary to the Government. The parallel office at the Norwegian Council of State Division in Stockholm 1814-1905, is also listed.  State secretaries in the sense of party-political deputies to the ministers, were introduced gradually from 1947.

The registry also covers the part-time office as secretary to the president of the Norwegian Government between 1829 and 1906. Until 1873 this office served the governor-general or the first minister in Christiania, thereafter the prime minister there. The office was reestablished when the prime minister in the autumn of 1939 was freed from also being chief of a ministry, now as a full-time secretary to the prime minister. The term “Office of the Prime Minister” now quickly came into use.

From the summer of 1945 the prime minister had several - now party-politically appointed - secretaries. In 1956 the office was formally divided into political and administrative staff. In 1969 the Secretariat to the Council of State, under the Ministry of Justice, was dissolved. Its tasks were transferred to the Office of the Prime Minister, which since then handles all functions as the Norwegian Government’s central office.

The registry also covers the political post as private secretary from 1946, and the political post as private advisor from 1974. From 1992 these posts were replaced by the post as political advisor.

Alphabetical list of persons
Years of birth and death are listed here. This list also covers persons mentioned without having been members of the Council of State.  These are listed with the title held at the actual point of time.