Innovation policy agencies

Norway’s innovation policy agencies offer a complementary set of policy instruments and competencies in order to promote innovation in the Norwegian economy.

Innovation Norway promotes nationwide industrial development, and helps release the potential of districts and regions. Innovation Norway administers policy instruments within four main categories: Networks, competence, capital and promotion.

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) has three important roles: Firstly, the Council is a strategic adviser on the Government’s research policy. Secondly, the Research Council is charged with an operational role in financing research by the business sector, the university and university college sector, and the research institutes. The RCN develops policy instruments, operates research programmes, promotes international research cooperation, disseminates research findings, etc. Thirdly, the Research Council is a network builder for producers, funders and users of research.

The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway (SIVA) builds and improves the infrastructure for innovation in Norway. SIVA aims to develop strong regional and local industrial clusters through ownership in infrastructure, innovation centres, investment and knowledge networks through the mobilisation of local and regional actors in public-private partnerships. SIVA is involved in research and knowledge parks, business parks, incubators, seed capital and venture companies throughout the country.

The Norwegian Design Council (NDC) promotes the use of design as a strategic tool for innovation, in order to increase growth and development in the Norwegian business sector. The Council’s aim is to increase Norwegian businesses' understanding, knowledge and use of design in their innovation processes. <Link:

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