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Norway supports Mexican efforts to further develop and document the country´s forest experiences, with up to 90 million NOK (appr 15 million USD).

As a tropical forest country, Mexico holds excellent experience on forest issues. Norway collaborates on REDD+ activities with Mexico so that other forest countries may benefit from these experiences.

Mexico experienced heavy deforestation in the 80s and 90s but has since been able to reduce deforestation rates, through sound forest policies.  The country is also among the most advanced developing countries in monitoring forests by combining satellite data and systematic “on the ground” data collection and has gained important experience on forestry policies that benefit local people. Norway wants to contribute so that other forest countries may learn from these experiences.

Net deforestation and forest degradation accounts for approximately 11 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Through reliable monitoring systems developing countries will be able to prove that they have reduced these emissions and receive financial compensation for the efforts. These financial revenues may be used for sustainable development in the forest countries.

The activities which will be financed by Norway are based on the Memorandum of Understanding that Norway and Mexico signed at the Oslo Climate and Forest Conference in May 2010.

Memorandum of Understanding
Press release: Mexico and Norway confirm mutual climate cooperation
Speech by Norwegian Ambassador Arne Aasheim at the World Environment Day in Mexico, June 4th

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