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Rainforests are not the only kind of tropical forests. The drier tropical forests of countries like Tanzania also play an important role in storing carbon, maintaining biodiversity and providing livelihoods and ecosystem services to millions of people.

Tanzania's environment is under pressure. A growring population increases the pressure for new land for agriculture and grazing, and more trees for construction, fuel wood and charcoal. Furthermore, plans call for substantial areas to be used for commercial forestry and cultivation of crops. High-value timber is cut for export. As a result, the competition for land and water increases, and forests face degradation. At the same time, these natural resources represent the most important basis for exonomix development and poverty reduction. Sustainable management of Tanzania's forests could increase both loval incomes and government revenues.

Trekullproduksjon i Tanzania forårsaker avskoging

The Collaboration

Tanzania has great potential for establishing alternative sustainable livelihoods, and thereby encouraging low carbon development.

In April 2008, Norway and Tanzania signed a Letter of Intent on climate change collaboration, with a focus on supporting pilot activities in the field, capacity building in government institutions, and national strategy development and implementation.

Up to 500 millon NOK may be transferred to support pilot activities and national REDD+ efforts, such as investments in measurement and monitoring of Tanzania's forests, social and environmental standards for REDD+ and in-depth-studies.

For more information, please visit the Norwegian Embassy's web page.

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