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The NICFI Team

Most of the NICFI Team is based in Oslo, but also has special envoys for climate change and forest in several embassies.

Team members based in Oslo:


  • Andreas Dahl-Jørgensen is director of NICFI.
  • Per Fredrik Pharo is Co-leader and special adviser of NICFI 
  • Ellen Bruzelius Backer  is Policy Director for environmental integrity. She is working on measurement, reporting and verification of forest based greenhouse gas emissions, and other topics concerning environmental integrity. She is also engaged in work in various multilateral initiatives.
  • Ane Broch Graver is Policy Director with responsibility for administrative and budgetary issues. 
  • Mads Halfdan Lie is Policy Director responsible for collaboration with multilateral partners, such as the FCPF, the UN-REDD, and FIP.
  • Hege Ragnhildstveit is Policy Director with responsibility for development policies and the cooperation with Indonesia and Guyana.

Employees at Oslo Headquarters

  • Charlotte Petersen is working on measurement, reporting and verification, particluarly with multilateral channels like FCPF and ISFL.
  • Elise Christensen is responsible for the partnerships with Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.
  • Rannveig Formo works with forestry crime.
  • Leif John Fosse is responsible for indigenous peoples, safeguards, and NICFI's work in South East Asia except Indonesia.
  • Ane Marit Lid is managing the partnerships with Ethiopia and Tanzania, and also coordinates central administrative and budgetary functions.

  • Jostein Lindland is responsible for initiatives in the Congo Basin and the cooperation with Ethiopia.
  • Arild Skedsmo is responsible for the partnership with Liberia. He also coordinates work on public-private partnerships for deforestation-free commodity production.  He also covers initiatives concerning forest restoration.
  • Vedis Vik  is responsible for the partnerships with Brazil 
  • Marianne Bruusgard works with administrative and budgetary issues and coordinates several of NICFI's agreements.
  • Celine Gaasrud works with private sector and REDD+ market solutions.
  • Ragnhild Eikenes is a communications adviser.
  • Marte Sendstad is responsible for the partnerships with Guyana and work on nature based solutions. She also covers preparations for the fifth UN Environment Assembly and post 2020 biodiversity framework under the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Team members at our embassies:


  • Tore Langhelle is councellor for climate change and forests, working with Ethiopia.


  • Ole Reidar Bergum is counsellor for climate change and forests, working with Colombia.


  • Livia Costa Kramer is counsellor for climate change and forests, working with Brazil.
  • Eirik Brun Sørlie is counsellor for climate change and forests, working with Brazil and Guyana.


  • Ingvild Langhus is counsellor for climate change, working with Tanzania.


NICFI has three consellors for climate change and forests working in Indonesia:

  • Lisetta Trebbi  works with the Ministry of Forest and Environment and other parts of the Indonesian government and leads the dialogue with other donor countries.
  • Øyvind Dahl works with the Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) and implementation of the Peat Moratorium. He also works with sustainable supply chains, leads the dialogue with private sector actors, and several other partners.
  • Marianne Johansen works with civil society partners, partners in East-Kalimantan and Sumatra and is responsible for outreach and information.


  • Hilde Dahl is our special envoy for climate and forest, working with Central-Africa.






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