Film policy

Film and other audiovisual productions are key cultural means of communication and artistic forms of expression. The Government is working to facilitate the production of high-quality audiovisual content in Norwegian and Sámi that is available to the public at large.

Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) manages the Ministry’s support schemes in the film sector. NFI works within the existing framework of objectives, guidelines and resources established by the Ministry to achieve the objectives of the government film policy.

NFI administers government policy instruments relating to the following aspects of audiovisual productions: 

  • development
  • production
  • distribution
  • launching
  • film dissemination
  • film culture

NFI serves the Ministry in an advisory capacity in these areas and administers the Ministry’s film support schemes according to the current regulations.

Regional film policy

The regional film centres and film funds currently receive state allocations for a variety of regional film measures. Grants to the regional film centres and film funds are administered by the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI). These regional film centres and film funds are to further allocate state support according to the same regulations that NFI follows.

The regional film centres are to use the state funding for the development and production of short films and documentaries, the development and launch of computer games, competence-building and industry-promoting measures at the regional level, and measures targeted towards children and young people. 

The regional film funds help to make more funding available to Norwegian filmmaking by obtaining private funding to match the state support they receive. The funds are also designed to build and strengthen a professional regional film industry and to promote greater diversity in forms of expression and target groups within Norwegian film production. The funds invest their state allocations in audiovisual productions.   

An overview of all regional film enterprises is available on Filmreg (available in Norwegian only)

Sámi film

The International Sámi Film Institute aim to maintain and develop Sámi film culture. ISFI receives subsidies from the state budget, and allocates further subsidies to Sami film workers in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The company also works to promote indigenous films and collaboration between different film environments for indigenous peoples around the world. ISFI is organized as a joint-stock company owned by the Sámi Parliament and Kautokeino municipality.