Visual art

The Ministry of Culture ensures the State’s involvement in this field when allocating funds to institutions and selected measures. In addition, the Art Council manages project funds and support schemes relevant to actors within the field of visual art

The Ministry of Culture allocates funds to institutions and measures according to chapter 322 ”Visual art, handcrafts and public space chapter 328 Museums and other cultural conservation purposes” set out in the Ministry of Culture’s budget cf. White Paper (St.prp). number 1 (2006-2007). 

A new building at Vestbanen housing the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

The process regarding the establishment of a new building housing the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design at Vestbanen in Oslo was a demanding process within the visual art field.  The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design was established on 1 July 2003 and comprises The National Gallery, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The National Museum- Architecture, The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.     

Public Art Norway (KORO)

KORO manages a large collection of contemporary art spread all over the country. Through creating art, administrating it in addition to the communication and information campaigns KORO makes sure that the audience experiences contemporary art in public buildings and places in their everyday life.  

Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter (NNKS) and others [The North of Norway Art Center]

Within the area of visual art Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter has a status as a hub institution. NNKS is responsible for among other things Lofoten International Art Festival.   In addition, several other institutions and arrangements are responsible for the communication of visual art and handcrafts.  Among the most important are Bergen kunsthall, Kunstnernes Hus, OCA (Office for Contemporary Art), and Norske Billedkunstnere (Norwegian Visual art artists) /States Kunstutstilling (The National Autumn Art Exhibition).  OCA is responsible for the Norwegian participation at the Venice biennale and has the international exchange of visual art.

A large number of art institutions receive state aid within the national network of museum’s framework.