Tertiary Vocational Education

Tertiary vocational education is an alternative to higher education and is based on upper secondary education and training or equivalent informal and nonformal competence. Higher Education Entrance Qualification is not required.


Tertiary Vocational Education

Tertiary vocational education provides vocational education founded on upper secondary education or equivalent prior learning and work experience, and comprises the equivalent of at least one-half and no more than two entire academic years.

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White Paper to the Storting:

Skilled Workers for the Future

The Government wants to strengthen vocational college education through increased quality and recognition in orderto attract more students.

What's new

Educating people for the future

12/10/2017: The Government is strengthening Norway's competitiveness through its commitment to knowledge and research. In the state budget for 2018, the Government proposes, among other things, to strengthen efforts on early intervention in kindergarten and primary and lower secondary school, and to increase allocations for research, vocational training (VET) and vocational colleges.



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