Skilled Workers for the Future

The Government wants to strengthen vocational college education through increased quality and recognition in orderto attract more students.

The recommendation from the Ministry of Education and Research to the Storting was approved in the Council of State on  2 December 2016. The report to the Storting (white paper) In order to achieve the goals for the vocational college sector, the Government in this White Paper proposes a total of 48 measures for the sector.

The Government's vision is that the vocational college education in the future will be more attractive, have more students, and larger academic environments, and that the vocational college sector as a whole should be more visible and its graduates more in demand in the labour market. The measures proposed in the White Paper will largely help fulfil this vision.

The Government will give priority to a promotion for the vocational college sector as regardsquality, academic and professional environment, student welfare, funding and governance. In addition, the Government will prioritize developing the knowledge base for vocational college education, as there is little knowledge of the individual factors that affect the quality of these programmes.

There will be a need to be continuously attentive to the vocational college sector in the future. With this White Paper, the Government will promote high educational quality, more robust vocational colleges, and closer cooperation between vocational colleges and the social partners, while at the same time preparing the foundation for further promotion of the vocational college sector in the future.

By Royal Decree on 23 August 2013, the Government appointed a public commission to review the tertiary vocational education sector in order to examine how this sector can be further developed. 

There was a need for more, better and systematised knowledge concerning the tertiary vocational education sector in Norway. The report provided a solid basis for further work on tertiary vocational colleges and a better basis for considering how to further develop tertiary vocational colleges.

Summary of the proposal for a new, comprehensive tertiary vocational college policy based on the Commission’s efforts:

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