Structure of higher education

The university and university college sector is faced by major challenges. The government wishes to increase the quality of the sector and has notified that there will changes to both its structure and content.


Goals for reform

The goal for these changes is to increase quality in Norwegian research and higher education through stronger academic environments and a reasonable degree of efficiency.


Need for reform

The need for reform in the university and university college sector is because we have too many programmes of study that are too small and vulnerable, and the quality of research is not good enough. Several universities are also struggling in terms of recruitment.

Bilde av studenter

White paper to the Storting

In January, the government set in motion work on a Storting white paper examining which structure Norwegian higher education should adopt. In essence, which universities and university colleges are to be kept.


Bilde av studenter

Investing in teachers, higher education and research

Continuing and further education of teachers is the government’s most significant investment in the field of education and research. In addition, the Research and Development sector and the universities are being strengthened.


Clear priorities in Higher Education and Research

The Government presents seven measures for higher education and research over the next four years. The goal is higher quality, says Minister for Education and Research Torbjørn Røe Isaksen.


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