Need for reform

The need for reform in the university and university college sector is because we have too many programmes of study that are too small and vulnerable, and the quality of research is not good enough. Several universities are also struggling in terms of recruitment.

We currently spread our resources for research and higher education too thinly, and we have too many small and vulnerable academic environments that offer the same programmes. Many small institutions are also competing with each other instead of cooperating. At several university colleges, employees have low levels of formal expertise. Less than 40 per cent of employees have a doctorate or have conducted equivalent academic work.

In future, we need strong academic environments that can carry out research on important social challenges and find great solutions. There are many strong academic environments in Norway, but Norwegian research fares less well than research from our neighbouring countries. This is shown in international comparisons.

Norwegian universities and university colleges do not assert themselves as well as institutions from other Nordic countries in the battle for funding from EU programmes. There is also insufficient flow in doctoral programmes, and employees at some institutions do not research or publish enough. The Research Council of Norway's evaluations show that academic environments are vulnerable because they are not large or stable enough.

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