Adult Education and Skills

The job market is changing rapidly, and it requires an increasingly skilled workforce. Enabling people of all ages to acquire new skills is one of the government’s priorities. Equally, it is more important than ever before to take good, well-informed decisions about your education.

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Norwegian Strategy for Skills Policy 2017 - 2021

2017-07-10: The population's skills are society's most important resource and the basis for welfare, growth, wealth creation and sustainability.


White Paper on Adult Education

2014-12-22: Fact sheet: White Paper Meld. St. 16 (2015–2016) Report to the Storting Social inclusion and a second chance – Coordinated efforts for adult learning

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Summary NOU 2016:7 Career Guidance for Individuals and Society

To improve the adult population’s access to professional career guidance, the committee believes that career centres with sufficient capacity should be established in all counties.

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Vocational College Education

Meld. St. 9 (2016–2017)

Our competitiveness will depend on a workforce with advanced and relevant skills, and good adaptability, and that we as a country are part of the technological development.

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