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Demo 2000

Demo 2000 is a research program that aims to help reduce costs and risks for the industry and commercialize new technology through support for piloting and demonstration.

An important prerequisite for increased oil and gas production, more environmentally friendly production and reduced costs is that the industry uses new technology and tests new solutions. However, this has proven to be a challenge. This is because new technology is associated with both high costs and increased risk.

Through the DEMO 2000 program, technology developers can receive support for piloting and demonstration, and thus be able to reduce both their costs and risk. In this way, the program will contribute to triggering or accelerating the development, application and commercialization of new technology.

DEMO 2000 is aimed at projects where new technology can be demonstrated through pilots and field trials, and is particularly related to the challenge of bringing research-based innovations in the Norwegian petroleum industry closer to the market.

The pilot projects are usually characterized by close collaboration between supplier companies, research institutions and oil companies. Through qualification of technology for petroleum activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, the program will also contribute to the export of Norwegian technology.

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