Offshore Energy Act

The Act applies to Norway’s territorial sea outside the baselines and to the continental shelf, but individual provisions can also be made applicable to internal waters.

The Norwegian state has the right to utilise offshore energy resources. A licence is required for electricity generation, conversion and transmission in areas covered by the Act. As a general rule, licences can only be obtained after the central government authorities have carried out a strategic environmental assessment and decided to open specific areas for licence applications. However, the authorities may exempt pilot projects and similar projects with a limited time frame from these requirements.

The Offshore Energy Regulations were finalised on June 12, 2020 and entered into force on January 1, 2021.

The Regulations describe the licensing process in detail. A guide for applicants for offshore wind power projects in Norway will further describe the process. The guide will also describe how the Ministry will allocate areas for development and the licensing and application process. The guidelines must be read in conjunction with the Act and the Regulations.     

Royal Decree - Offshore Energy Regulation

Royal Decree - Opening of Areas