Child welfare institutions

According to the Child Welfare Act, the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufetat) is responsible for establishing and operating child welfare institutions. Private and municipal child welfare institutions that are approved by Bufetat are also used.

In 2013, 1,046 children and young people were placed in child welfare institutions.

Bufetat is to quality assure all child welfare institutions. The requirements as to quality apply irrespective of ownership. The institutions must, among other things, have a defined target group and a formulated goal for their professional activity. The methods used at the institution must be professionally and ethically justifiable, adapted to the institution's target group and goal and be anchored in generally recognised professional theory. The institution is also subject to requirements regarding its manpower and employees' expertise.

Private and municipal child welfare institutions may only be used provided they are approved by Bufetat. Bufetat may at any time check that private and municipal child welfare institutions comply with the approval conditions.

The County Governor monitors that the institution is run in accordance with the prevailing regulations and gives the children proper care and treatment.

Bufetat manages and allocates places at institutions following applications from the municipality's child welfare service. Separate place-allocation rules apply to Oslo municipality.

The Regulations concerning rights and the use of force during stays in child welfare institutions (Rights Regulations) apply to children and young people who live in a child welfare institution. These regulations regulate the inhabitants' rights and the forcible measures and restrictions that the institution may use in relation to the inhabitants. The objective of the regulations is to ensure that the institution gives the child proper care and treatment. If the child believes the regulations have been contravened, he or she may appeal to the County Governor.

Various types of child welfare institutions.