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Escaped fish

The number of escaped salmon and escape incidents varies from year to year, however the trend is that both numbers are declining. To prevent escaped incidents the most important measures are to impose strict requirements to the design of the fish farming facilities and to have good operating routines.


Fish farmers are required to immediately report any suspicion of escapes to the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries. They are also required to take steps to capture escaped fish. Failing to report suspected escapes is a criminal offence. The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries publishes all information on its website.

Reports of escapes and escape statistics going back several years can be found here in Norwegian.

Since the special requirements to the design of floating fish farms (NS 9415:2009) were introduced, equipment damage/failures have become more and more rare. Similar requirements for onshore (young fish) facilities have been made (NS 9416:2013). 

In recent years, the authorities have strengthened monitoring activities significantly to prevent escapes.

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