Publications by the Norwegian national advisory group against organized IUU-fishing

Cases and materials on illegal fishing and organized crime

Illegal, unreported and unregistered fishing is a major global problem. Seafood worth billions of dollars is being harvested illegally annually. In the Fisheries resolutions of 2008 and 2009 the UN General Assembly: “Notes the concerns about possible connections between international organized crime and illegal fishing in certain regions of the world.”

There exists a huge amount of indications on such links in various newspaper articles and reports. It is, with a few exceptions, few countries, organizations or scholars that have studied such possible links.  

This is a small collection of cases and other types of materials which suggests that there exists links between fishing and various types of organized crime. 

This publication is just a collection of already published material. The text itself is unedited and the full reports where the citations have been found are publicly available.     

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