In the Farmyard – green care

”In the Farmyard” is the name for a number of farm related services offered to sectors like education, health, care and social work. A farm is a multifaceted arena for participation, self-reliance, fitness, development and enjoyment that can empower those suffering social disadvantages.

Inn på tunet.

In the Farmyard – green care

There are 400 appoved In the Farmyard farms located all over Norway. These offer services related to the farm, the rustic way of life and the work that sustains it.

Barn i gulrotåker.

Growth Potential

In The Farmyard is a service branch with growth potential. Municipalities, social services and other public institutions require an increasing volume and variety of programs.

Forsidebilde Handlingsplan Inn på tunet 2013-2017

National programme

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food, as well as a number of other ministries, NGOs and firms are pooling resources to facilitate and develop high quality services - all based on farm resources.


Forside Meld. St. 31 (2014–2015) Garden som ressurs – marknaden som mål - Vekst og gründerskap innan landbruksbaserte næringar

Parliamentary White Paper 31 (2014 - 2015) The Farm as a resource - The market as a goal - Growth and entrepreneurship in agriculture based industry

05/06/2015: The Paper details policies for agriculture based industry other than traditional farming and forestry. The Paper discusses development trends, challenges as well as the potential for future growth and development. The Paper contains individual sections on themes like Local Foods and Beverages, Farm Tourism, In the Farmyard, Bioenergy and Christmas Tree Production.Policies that stimulate growth and entrepreneurship in agriculture based industry should enhance growth and development independent of farm size.