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The Food Nation Norway action program

The vision of Food Nation Norway must be followed by specific action to become reality. The government has decided to draft an action program for Food Nation Norway as part of the follow-up.

With this, the government wishes to challenge the entire food industry, organizations and individuals to commit themselves to the content of the action program, contributing to Norway establishing itself as the food nation envisioned in the strategy. The following headings are suggested for the action program:

  • Norwegian food and beverage in the public sector
  • Norwegian food and drink in everyday life
  • Access to and production of Norwegian food and beverage
  • Knowledge and expertise in Norwegian food and beverage
  • Norwegian food and beverage in tourism
  • Norwegian food and beverage in the culture sector
Reindeer Carpaccio.
Reindeer Carpaccio. Credit: Lisa Westgaard/Matmerk

Under each heading, there will be specific initiative items for some or all participants to commit to. In this phase we want input on both headlines and the corresponding initiative items.

Moreover, we will reopen the e-mail address [email protected] as a channel for wide involvement in the initiative.