Norwegian development aid in 2017

OECD's official development aid statistics are ready. It shows that Norway provided NOK 34.1 billion on development aid last year. This corresponds to 0.99 per cent of GDI.

The statistics show that Norway gave NOK 5.12 billion in health aid, 4.43 billion on emergency assistance amounted to NOK 4.43 billion. NOK 3.73 billion was spent on climate change funding and NOK 3.16 billion went to the education sector.

The five largest recipient countries of aid distributed by country were Syria (NOK 1.07 billion), Afghanistan (NOK 621 million), South Sudan (NOK 604 million), Palestine (NOK 584 million) and Somalia (NOK 547 million).

Read more about Norwegian development aid on Norad's website.

You can find the development aid statistics here.

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