Legal empowerment - a way out of poverty

"Formalisation of property rights is one way out of poverty, but not the only one, and it is not a "one-size-fits-all" solution. In January 2006, the High Level Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor held its first meeting. The Commission will produce and disseminate a comprehensive set of practical, adaptable tools that will assist policymakers in their reform efforts at the country level.

The Norwegian government has been a key player in setting up this commission. We now want to take this agenda further. This anthology contains articles which address the complexity in this agenda. Formalisation is titling, but it is more. Private property is important, but so are collective- and user rights. Historically, women have been marginalised. In several countries they still are being denied rights that you and I take for granted. This has to stop. In this publication you can read about how we can make land rights accessible, and why this is important. You can also read about how this agenda is seen through the lenses of the civil society community.

I hope you will find this anthology interesting, and that we together can make the world a little bit better."

-- Erik Solheim,
Norwegian Minister of International Development

(From the preface to the first issue)

The full text of each issue can ble downloaded by clicking the links below. Each file is a 1-2 MB PDF.