Questionnaire for use with application for government indemnity for major Norwegian exhibitions abroad

1. Location of exhibition building

  • Nature of surroundings (street, park, etc.)
  • Single building or part of a complex 

2. Is the area/building fenced in? 

3. Building characteristics

  • Timber, brick, etc.
  • Construction/renovation date 

4. Safeguards against fire

  • Smoke detectors or other fire detection devices
  • Automatic extinguishing system
  • Portable extinguishers
  • Fire hose stations
  • Fire alarm transmitted directly to fire brigade
  • Fire brigade response time
  • Other fire safety measures 

5. Safeguards against penetration by rainwater or surface water 

6. Safeguards against theft

        a) during museum/exhibition opening hours

        b) outside opening hours

        c) during storage outside exhibition period

       Physical safeguards

  • Boundary protection
  • Other anti-theft safeguards

Alarm systems

  • Connected to police/private security service/other
  • Police/security service response time 

7. Building’s relative humidity standard 

8. Security guards

  • During exhibition opening hours
  • Outside exhibition opening hours 

9. Exhibitor’s organization and previous experience with major exhibitions 

10. Other information regarded by the exhibitor as relevant to the safety of the exhibition