National dialogue and reconciliation in Somalia

National reconciliation is one of the main priorities of the Federal Government of Somalia. In 2019, with Norwegian support, the Somali Government adopted a national framework for reconciliation. Norway is actively supporting the implementation of the framework at the grassroots level throughout the country, with an emphasis on the inclusion of women and marginalised groups.

The security situation in Somalia remains a challenge. The jihadist group Al-Shabaab is under pressure as a result of the joint military operations by Amisom (the African Union Mission in Somalia) and the Somali security forces, but the group still has the capacity to carry out grave acts of terrorism across the country.

The ambitious reform agenda of the Somali Government is producing results, and Somalia is expected to normalise its relationship with the international financial institutions in 2020. However, protracted political crises and conflicts, particularly between the Federal Government and the federal member states, are delaying the work of implementing democratic reforms and security sector reform.

Norway is a strong supporter of political stabilisation and the strengthening of national and regional institutions, for example through its support for the implementation of the Somali Government’s new framework for national reconciliation. Norway is focusing on stabilisation measures in the areas recently liberated from Al-Shabaab. These measures include job creation schemes, the electrification of local hospitals, the provision of street lighting, and sports activities for young people. This has helped to improve services in rural areas, and has increased the security and safety of the civilian population.