The main goal of the integration policy is for immigrants and their children to be able to make use of their resources and contribute to society. The key to integration in Norwegian society lies in taking part in working life and having a good knowledge of the Norwegian language.

Norsk pass

The Norwegian Nationality Act

The Nationality Act and Nationality Regulations contain rules on how persons can become Norwegian nationals and how they may lose their Norwegian nationality.

Settlement of refugees

Those who are settled are former asylum seekers who have been granted a residence permit or resettlement refugees who have been granted a residence permit in Norway pursuant to an agreement with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

White paper on integration policy

The white paper "From reception centre to the labour market – an effective integration policy" was presented to the Norwegian parliament in May 2016.


The right to decide about one’s own life

2017-03-09: The Norwegian Government is strengthening the efforts to prevent and combat negative social control, forced marriage and female genital mutilation. An Action Plan consisting five priority areas and 28 measures was launched by Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Minister of Finance Siv Jensen on 8th of March.

From reception centre to the labour market – an effective integration policy

2016-05-11: The Government will ensure rapid and successful integration of immigrants, and presents 69 measures to promote integration in a new White paper to the Parliament.

White paper on adult education

2016-05-11: The Government puts forward a series of measures to promote integration.

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The Right to Decide over One’s Own Life

2017-03-08: An Action Plan to Combat Negative Social Control, Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (2017-2020)

White paper on integration policy

2016-05-11: White paper that outlines how Norway’s integration policy and measures should be organised to ensure that newly-arrived immigrants with refugee backgrounds enter the labour market or start an education without delay and acquire a permanent connection to the labour market.