Action zone in Finnmark and Nord-Troms

The action zone covers all municipalities in the county of Finnmark in addition to seven municipalities in Nord-Troms: Kåfjord, Skjervøy, Nordreisa, Kvænangen, Karlsøy, Lyngen and Storfjord.
The zone was established in 1990, motivated by the negative trend in population and commerce. In 2003–2004, a White Paper was issued regarding the action zone.

The most important policy instruments in the action zone are:

  • Exemption from employers’ national insurance contributions
  • Write-down of student loans by up to 10 percent of the original amount, maximum NOK 25,000 per year
  • Exemption from electricity tax on consumption
  •  Reduction in personal taxation
  • Increase in family allowance – the so-called “Finnmark supplement”

Former studies have concluded that these policies have had a positive impact.