The coronavirus situation

Information and advice about the coronavirus situation from Norwegian authorities.

Norgeskart uten detaljer

The Government is implementing stricter national measures

24/03/2021: In order to prevent the spread of infection to the areas with low infection rates the Government, following the recommendations of the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, is implementing stricter national measures.

Illustrasjon av en mann med trillekoffert

Travel to Norway

07/04/2021: In order to limit import infection, foreigners' access to Norway has been tightened sharply. Only those non-Norwegian citizens who are residents of Norway are permitted to enter the country. This also applies to citizens of the EEA.

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Corona information in other languages

01/04/2021: Press conferences, news and press releases, and information from the Government in several languages.

What's new

Tre skiløpere på fjellet

These are the recommendations for the Easter holidays

24/03/2021: These are the government recommendations on how to enjoy the holidays in a Covid-safe manner.

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More people must go into hotel quarantine and entry restrictions to be extended

12/03/2021: Anyone undertaking unnecessary leisure travel abroad must stay at a quarantine hotel when they return to Norway. In addition, the current strict entry restrictions are being extended, which generally means that only foreigners residing in Norway will be allowed to enter the country, initially up until 7 April.

National measures

National measures from 23 February 2021

25/02/2021: Key recommendations and advice that apply nationally from 23 February, updated with entry rules to Norway. The government will carry out a new assessment of the measures in mid-March. Check your local municipal website for local rules.

Illustrasjon av en koffert med klistremerker på fra forskjellige reisemål

Information for Norwegian citizens about travel

09/04/2021: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is maintaining its global advice against all non-essential travel to all countries. This advice currently applies until 15 May 2021.

Kartutsnitt av Nord-Europa som viser røde og gule land og områder

Map of countries with entry quarantine to Norway

Map of red and yellow countries in the Nordic region/ Europe with status for entry quarantine (NIPH).


G-09/2021 – Revised circular relating to entry into force of the Regulations relating to entry restrictions for foreign nationals out of concern for public health

23/03/2021: Under the Interim Act relating to entry restrictions for foreign nationals out of concern for public health, all foreign nationals not covered by exemptions specified in the Act or in regulations issued pursuant to the Act will be rejected without further consideration of the risk of infection posed by each individual.

Regulations relating to amendments to the COVID-19 Regulations

08/11/2020: Legal basis: Adopted by Royal Decree 6 November 2020 under the Act of 5 August 1994 No. 55 relating to control of communicable diseases, sections 4-3, 4-3a and 7-12. Submitted by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.