The coronavirus situation

Information and advice about the coronavirus situation from Norwegian authorities.

Illustrasjon av en dame med koffert.

Quarantine hotels

24/11/2020: In order to limit import infection, on 5 November 2020 the Government introduced arrangements involving quarantine hotels, effective from 9 November 2020.

Illustrasjon av et norgeskart.

Stay at home, have as little social contact as possible

05/11/2020: Norway stands at the beginning of the second wave of infection. The virus is spreading rapidly and all counties now have outbreaks of infection. The Government is therefore introducing new national infection control measures.

National measures from 5th November

National measures that apply to everyone from 5th November

05/11/2020: Key recommendations and advice that currently apply. Check your local municipal website for local rules.

What's new

Kartutsnitt av Nord-Europa som viser røde og gule land og områder

Map of countries with entry quarantine to Norway

Map of red and yellow countries in the Nordic region/ Europe with status for entry quarantine (NIPH).

Illustrasjon av et fly, foran flyet står en mann med trillekoffert.

Information for Norwegian citizens about travel

28/11/2020: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is maintaining its global advice against all non-essential travel to all countries. This advice currently applies until 15 January 2021.


Regulations relating to entry restrictions for foreign nationals out of concern for public health

29/06/2020: Adopted by Ministry of Justice and Public Security 29 June 2020 under sections 2, 3 and 6 of the Interim Act of 19 June 2020 No. 83 relating to entry restrictions for foreign nationals out of concern for public health; see decision of 19 June 2020 No. 1244 delegating authority.

Regulations relating to rejection etc. of foreign nationals without a residence permit in the realm, out of concern for public health

15/03/2020: In order to safeguard public health in connection with an outbreak of Covid-19, which is a disease hazardous to the public health, an administrative decision may be taken under the Immigration Act to reject a foreign national without a residence permit.