Goals for the justice and public security sector

In the National Budget for 2015, the Ministry enlisted ten new goals for the sector.

The new goals are set on areas with great challenges and an urgent need for change.

Fewer goals, clearer prioritization

In 2013, the justice and public security sector har 52 primary and secondary goals. Few of the goals were change-oriented, they covered the entire width of the ministry’s areas of responsibility, and they were not suited as a tool for prioritization.

With the new goal structure, the Government has developed a management system that is more result oriented. Fewer and clearer goals makes it clearer what should be prioritized.

Goals for justice and public security sector

The judicial chain

  • Reduce serious crime
  • Strengthen crime prevention
  • A more efficient judicial chain

The asylum chain

  • Fewer asylum seekers without protection needs
  • Faster clarification of identity
  • Faster immigrant repatriation

The public security chain

  • Reduce society’s vulnerability
  • Strengthen crisis management cooperation
  • Knowledge-based prevention
  • Better management and strengthened management culture
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