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Green Wave in Oslo

Stikkord: Forbruk og avfall, Miljøledelse, Oslo

Green wave in Oslo is a collaboration in which the public, business sector and the Government collaborate with Oslo Municipality to reduce the consumption of energy and other resources in Municipality.

Green wave in Oslo is a collaboration in which the public, business sector and the Government collaborate with Oslo Municipality to reduce the consumption of energy and other resources in Municipality.

Oslo Municipality is busy «putting their own house in order» by introducing an efficient environmental policy in every part of their administration; this way they can be a good example for the rest of the urban community. Oslo is introducing environmental management and environmental certification in all its departments, suburbs and other businesses; from the city hall to nursery schools. Through this certification, all businesses are obliged to:

  • Reduce energy consumption and, if necessary, change their energy usage in an environmentally friendly direction
  • Reduce the use of materials, stress recycling and reduce waste
  • Reduce the use of transport and alternatively choose greener transport
  • Make environmental demands when buying goods and services

With this environmental commitment, Oslo Municipality contributes to an increased awareness and interest towards environmental work amongst the municipality’s 43 000 employees, 50 000 students in primary and secondary school, 25 000 students in upper secondary education and adult education and 28 000 children in nursery schools with parents! This will inspire employees, children and parents to act more environmentally friendly in their own time, and inspire people in their own network; family, neighbours and friends. We also recommend that our employees participate in «Miljøsteget» (The Environmental Step) or join «Klimaklubben»  (The Climate Club) in the organisation «Grønn hverdag» (Green Life).

Increasing Commitment

Oslo Municipality is preoccupied with putting environmental challenges and involvement on the agenda, increasing green awareness and interest. «Miljøfestivalen» (The Environmental Festival) is an annual arrangement by the municipality and the organization «Grønn hverdag» (Green Life) and other organizations and businesses. Under the annual Environmental Conference in Oslo City Hall, Oslo Municipality’s Environmental Prize is awarded.

Challenge Others

Oslo Municipality challenges the Government and the business sector in Oslo to make their businesses in the city follow environmentally friendly guidelines, for example in buying goods and services. The Municipality has established their own «Forum for Oslo Bærekraftig By» (The Sustainable Oslo City Society) with participants from the Municipality, the Government, the business sector and environmental organisations. Here they will try to create a dialogue and cooperate on «Grønn Bølge» (Green Wave).

A Green Business Sector

When the Municipality, the inhabitants and the Government make environmental demands when buying goods and services, it creates a profitable market for environmentally friendly goods and services. This profitable ground is necessary to change business into «green» business (Grønt næringsliv). We can tell that this is about to happen. At the same time, with a strong increase in environmentally certified municipal undertakings and the number of inhabitants participating in «Miljøsteget» or «Klimaklubben», we are noticing a pronounced increase in environmental certification in the business sector in Oslo. There has also been an increase in the sales of ecological goods in Oslo.

Government Involvement

The biggest challenge to realise «Grønn bølge’s» potential is to get the Government involved. With its departments and businesses, the Government is Oslo’s largest employer, and the second largest owner of buildings and properties, but definitively has few environmentally friendly businesses. The Government is introducing an environmental management arrangement, “Grønn stat,” without any environmental certification obligations for other than large technical companies. It would strengthen the Green Wave in Oslo if the Government would follow Oslo in environmental management and environmental certification of all its businesses and companies in Oslo.


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