Ongoing study of requirements in the tender documentation

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has commissioned a study to determine the necessary capacities in the future coastal agreement for every vessel (numbers of passengers and berth capacity) between Bergen an Kirkenes and what capacities are needed for transport of goods between Tromsø and Kirkenes.

The report should also investigate whether it is possible to satisfy requirements as regards to frequency defined in the public procurement contract using fewer vessels than the 11 ships currently running on this route.

The future agreement should continue to provide daily, year-round and consistent traffic between Bergen and Kirkenes with 34 ports of call on northbound and 33 ports of call on southbound sailings.

The Ministry aims to prepare tender requirements that will stimulate competition and allow competitors to submit cost-effective bids. Oslo Economics should therefore consider the wording of the requirements in the contract and tender so bidders can offer the most effective bids possible.