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  • Debt settlement

    The Debt Settlement Act gives individuals with serious debt problems the opportunity to gain control of their economy. A debt settlement scheme is an agreement to pay as much as possible of the debt during a limited period, and then have the remaining debt cancelled.

  • Consumer information

    Information is one of the key measures in consumer policy. Consumers must have good and sufficient information about goods and services offered on the market, as well as knowledge about their rights and obligations as consumers. Information promotes consumer power and enables consumers to make informed choices.

  • Marketing

    The Marketing Control Act lays down the framework for business marketing to consumers and other business operators. The purpose of the Act is to prevent unscrupulous marketing.

  • Consumer rights and solving disputes

    Safe, well-informed and active consumers are important for the market to function well and to promote economic development. Another Government aim is to help give consumers simple, rapid and inexpensive solutions in the event of consumer disputes.

  • Norway takes a leading role on sustainable ocean industries globally

    The United Nations "Global Compact" is announcing a new Business Action Platform for Oceans. Norway will take a leading role.

  • Norway pledges NOK two billion to the Global Partnership for Education

    'Norway is one of the largest donors to the Global Partnership for Education and we urge other donors to increase their support. Together we will continue our efforts to ensure that all children and young people have access to education, especially girls who are still being excluded,' said Minister of International Development Nikolai Astrup.

  • Opening of the embassy in Bamako

    State Secretary Marianne Hagen opened the embassy in Bamako, Mali, after the ambassador Ole Andreas Lindeman's introduction.

    By State Secretary Marianne Hagen Bamako, 31 January

  • Extraordinary meeting of the international donor group for Palestine (AHLC) in Brussels

    ‘The members of the donor group for Palestine reiterated today their strong support for a resumption of peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide

  • Science prizes

    A number of international research prizes are awarded in Norway to honour outstanding scientific contributions and to stimulate interest in research among the general public.

  • Niels Henrik Abel’s Prize in Mathematics

    The Abel Prize recognizes pioneering scientific achievements in mathematics. The prize shall also help boost the status of the field of mathematics in society and stimulate children and youth to become interested in mathematics.

  • The Kavli Prize

    The Kavli Prize recognises outstanding scientific research and honours highly creative scientists. The prize also promote public understanding of scientists and their work.

  • The Holberg Prize

    The Holberg Prize recognises path-breaking scientific work in the humanities, social sciences, law and theology. The prize shall in addition contribute to raising the status of these disciplines in society and to stimulating interest in these fields among children and young people.

  • Paternity and maternity

    Married parents have shared parental responsibility for the children they have together.

  • Information on the child

    Taking good care of a child requires knowledge about the child's situation and possible problems. All parents will regularly be in contact with public bodies and need to obtain information on the child. The individual parent's right to information will depend on who has parental responsibility for the child.

  • Germany: Learning e-mobility from Norway

    A delegation from Baden-Württemberg in Germany recently spent several days in Norway. One hour of their tight schedule was set aside for a meeting with the Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications, Ketil Solvik-Olsen. Coming from a country that subsidizes the use of diesel with USD 9,4 billion per year, the Germans were especially interested in Norway's success with electric cars.

  • Conditions for marriage

    A marriage may be entered into in a church or civil ceremony.

  • Opening statement at extraordinary AHLC meeting

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide opened the extraordinary meeting in the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) for Palestine in Brussels 31 January. She started the meeting with the following statement.

    By Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide Brussels, 31 January

  • Guidelines for Whistleblowing and Handling Issues of Concern in the Foreign Service

    Here you will find the guidelines for whistleblowing in the Foreign Service and how you should handle different issues of concern.

  • New ambassadors from Nicaragua, Holy See, South Africa and Guyana

    Four new ambassadors to Norway presented their letters of credence to His Majesty King Harald V on 25 January 2018.

  • Norway establishes international high-level panel on sustainable ocean economy

    Today, Prime Minister Erna Solberg is launching the plans for a High-level Panel on Building a Sustainable Ocean Economy. Ms Solberg will chair the panel, which will be made up of heads of state and government from a broad range of coastal states, including developing countries.