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  • Nordic ministers for the environment and climate call for a global framework on marine litter

    During the meeting of the Nordic Council of Environment and Climate Ministers in Reykjavik, the Nordic ministers agreed to work for a global agreement combatting marine litter. Norwegian Minister of Climate and the Environment, Mr. Ola Elvestuen, initiated the Nordic ministerial declaration.

  • State Secretary Hagen visits Moscow on 15-16 April

    State Secretary Marianne Hagen is visiting Moscow on 15-16 April for the opening of the Edvard Munch exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery.

  • Norway calls for civilian rule and reforms in Sudan

    A peaceful transition to civilian rule in Sudan is crucial. Norway appeals for reforms in Sudan.

  • Norway increases support to UNRWA by NOK 100 million

    Norway is providing an additional NOK 100 million to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) to support humanitarian assistance to Palestine refugees affected by the Syria crisis. ‘This funding will be used to meet basic humanitarian needs and will target vulnerable groups, including displaced children who have a right to education, and refugees who are in need of healthcare,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

  • Norway provides support for healthcare in Al Hol camp in Syria

    Norway is providing NOK 35 million to strengthen the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s health efforts in the Al Hol camp in Syria. ‘Conditions for women and children are desperate and there is an urgent need for health services. Norway is now increasing its support for the Red Cross’s health efforts, in order to help save lives and ensure the delivery of basic health services,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

  • The protection of civilians and health workers in conflict situations

    Ensuring protection against violence, abuse and violations of fundamental human rights is a key part of the humanitarian response, both in situations of armed conflict and natural disasters. Protection has been identified as one of three main priorities in Norway’s Humanitarian Strategy for 2019-2023.

  • Diplomatic relations

    The Oslo Diplomatic List (pdf) Diplomat in Norway. The purpose of this booklet is to provide information to diplomats and their families on how the various privileges and immunities under the Vienna Conventions are

  • The Goverment proposes state contribution for funding of CCS exploration well

    As part of the Norwegian full-scale carbon capture and storage-project (CCS),the Norwegian Government will propose to the Parliament that the Norwegian state contributes with funds for an exploration well for CO2-storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

  • New ambassadors from France, Dominican Republic, New Zealand and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

    Four new ambassadors to Norway presented their letters of credence to His Majesty King Harald V on 10 April 2019.

  • Costs related to the campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council

    The costs directly related to Norway’s campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council amounted to NOK 12 million (USD 1,4 million) in the period 2016-2018. This total includes costs for travel, representation, campaign materials and promotional activities, courses, and salaries for temporary employees and special representatives who have been engaged specifically to promote Norway’s candidature.

  • The Arctic – An Ocean of Opportunity

    Statement by Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the High Level Panel of the Arctic Forum in St. Petersburg, 9 April 2019.

    By Prime Minister Erna Solberg

  • Speech at The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s Annual Conference: Government Policy for Ocean Pioneers

    "For a nation that may seem located in the outskirts of a small continent, the sea has not acted as barrier, but rather as a bridge - and gateway to the world", said Finance Minister Siv Jensen (Progress Party) in her speech today.

    By Minister of Finance Siv Jensen Speech at The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association's Annual Conference 2019

  • The Open Ocean

    Statement by Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the Opportunities and Risks for the Ocean Economy-panel meeting in St. Petersburg, 9 April 2019.

    By Prime Minister Erna Solberg

  • Core curriculum – values and principles forprimary and secondary education

    The core curriculum - values and principles for primary and secondary education and training - is part of the curriculum as laid down by Royal Decree on 1 September 2017, and pursuant to section 1-5 of the Education Act.

  • Diplomat in Norway

    This guide provides information to diplomats and their families on how the various privileges and immunities under the Vienna Conventions are implemented in Norway, and to offer other information.

  • Product Contact Point

    What Through the Product Contact Point, authorities and companies can find out which technical regulations apply for a particular product in a particular EEA State. The Norwegian contact point provides information about Norwegian product regulations

  • Response from Norway to the Reasoned Opinion on the Norwegian Reporting Obligation when hiring non-resident contractors

    The Ministry of Finance's response to ESAs reasoned opinion on the Norwegian reporting obligations.

  • Legal framework

    The Constitution has a number of provisions relating to parliamentary elections. More detailed provisions relating to the conduct of elections, are to be found in the Representation of the People Act 2002 (Election Act). In addition we have Election regulations with further provisions in certain areas.

  • Election Manual

    This manual provides an overview of the regulations that apply for conducting elections. The account of the provisions of the Act and Regulations has been based on the preparatory works for the Election Act and on interpretations the Ministry has made in connection with letters andtelephone calls from the municipalities, county authorities and the county governor offices. The Election Act and Regulations must be read parallel with this manual.

  • Web TV

    A new law on statistics to meet current needs

    The Government today proposes a new law on official statistics and Statistics Norway. Statistics Norway will mainly continue to operate as today. - The agency performs essential duties and enjoys considerable public confidence. The bill allows this to continue, says the Minister of Finance Siv Jensen (Progress party).

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