Lunch at the Archbishop’s Palace

Sjekkes mot fremføring

Your Majesty,  Excellencies, Mayor, dear Guests

First of all I would like to thank the mayor of Trondheim for a wonderful meal, and I would like to thank all the guests for good company.

The fishing exhibitions in Trondheim have become an important meeting place where the latest technology and innovations are presented.

The very first fishing fair in Trondheim was put together as early as 1887. Back then Hans Henrik Kristensen from Gøteborg displayed a big barrel of herring during the exhibition days. Herring was a major industry and export sector in the 19th century. Salt was added to preserve the fish.

There is no doubt the fisheries industry has seen an incredible technological development since then. Some of it has been presented for the first time here in Trondheim.


Today the barrels of salted herring belong in the history books. Innovative solutions have instead given us modern storage boxes.

A good example is one of the nominees for the Innovation award this year. The company has redefined the conventional 20 kilo fish box for frozen fish in a way that will save the industry for an estimated 15 million kroners each year. The storage box will also reduce the cardboard waste by 3000 tonnes. That is a big step compared to the barrels of herring in the 1880s.

As a minister of fisheries I am not surprised that internationally one looks to Norway and Nor-fishing for inspiration. In 1887 the exhibition in Trondheim was organized together with an agricultural fair. The promoter believed the agricultural exhibitors would attract more visitors, and thus contribute to promote the fisheries industry. Today it is not necessary to depend on others. Nor-Fishing alone attracts 20.000 visitors from 50 different countries.


A lot has changed since the early years of the fishing fairs. In 1908 the Royal family spent no less than two weeks at the exhibition, and the whole fair lasted for two entire months. Back then Queen Maud participated with her husband King Haakon VII and their five-year old son, Crown Prince Olav. This year I am happy to see that it is the Queen alone who represents the Royal family.

As Her Majesty pointed out in the opening speech earlier today, it is a pleasure to see this many women in central positions gathered around the table today- in a traditionally male oriented industry. 

This lunch in the Archbishop’s palace has now become a tradition. Forty years ago Trondheim municipality invited Nor-Fishing participants for lunch right here for the very first time.

Trondheim, however, has been hosting almost every fishing fair in Norway over the past 100 years. The city has proved itself as a competent and experienced host for both the national and the international audience. 

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a pleasant stay here in Trondheim.

Thank you!