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Åpning næringslivsseminar Rio de Janeiro

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Innlegg ved Monica Mæland, 17.nov 2015

Your Royal Highness,

ladies and gentlemen,

dear friends:

Good morning!

bom dia a todos [uttale: ‘tå-dåsj]

It is an honour for me to address you all this morning.


Norway and Brazil are long term partners.

If we look to our past, or future, we can definately say our two countries have had - and hopefully will have - a productive relationship.

As His Royal Highness pointed out: Our 170 year history of trade relations has developed into what we see today.

If we look at our relations at first glance the maritime and offshore sector is predominating.

But there is more to our bilateral relationship and new areas of interaction materialize: The official opening of Jotun's new factory later today is a good example of the many recent Norwegian investments in Brazil. 

We now see a changing economic landscape. Globally the decline in oil prices has major impacts – especially for large oil producers such as Norway and Brazil.

That is why we need to strengthen both existing sectors as well as bringing forward new areas of cooperation.

I am therefore pleased that today's seminar will have parallel sessions on renewable energy, start-up companies, research and innovation as well as our strong traditional sectors of bacalao and maritime offshore.

Our relationship also take full account of social, environmental and economic sustainability. I am both proud and pleased that Norwegian companies are active contributors in two CSR-projects in Rio – Dream Learn Work and Karanba.

This tells us two things:

First, the Brazilian-Norwegian its widening its relations introducing new sectors of cooperation.

Second, this suggests that Norwegian companies are well prepared for the challenges in the Brazilian market, that they are taking a long-term view, and that they have faith in Brazil’s future.

Let me assure you that Norwegian government is also in for the long-term commitment.

We know how important Brazil is as a market for Norwegian companies, and we want to do all we can from the Governments’ side to support you.

  • A major achievement in doing so was made yesterday as we signed a Memorandum of Understanding on maritime matters. I am sure you are all aware ofour common ties to the resources of the ocean.
  • Second is the Norwegian-Brazilian Economic Commision, an important arena to discuss and strengthen our cooperation on economic matters.

We had good discussions in Brasilia yesterday, and there is a strong will from both Brazilian and Norwegian authorities to continue our dialogue on how to strengthen economic cooperation between our countries.

  • And third, we will continue our dialogue to expand trade relations between EFTA and MERCOSUR.


Ladies and gentlemen,

The Norwegian-Brazilian relationship is long-term and knowledge based.

So far, we have come a long way, and we look forward to working closely together with all parties who have an interest in this relationship.

I wish you the best of luck with today's seminar and in future business cooperation between Brazil and Norway!

Thank you so much for your attention!



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