Åpning Nordic Electricity Market Forum 2019

Olje- og energiminister Kjell-Børge Freiberg holdt dette åpningsinnlegget, 28.november 2019.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Friends of the Nordic energy region.

Good morning!

Let me thank the municipality of Oslo, for hosting us in this beautiful town hall.


As the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, I wish you a warm welcome to the Nordic Electricity Market Forum 2019.

We share some common opportunities – and challenges – in the energy sector.

In a global context, the world needs more energy, but less emissions.

In light of climate change, the world's energy markets are undergoing big changes in terms of new political input and a rapid technological development.

To be a part of this development is very important to Norway. This is best achieved through cooperation.

The Nordic countries are very much alike. We like to compete, but we also have a tradition of working together.

And let me tell you right away, the Nordic energy cooperation has been a success story.

The backbone of our energy system is renewable power, two thirds of electricity production is renewable.

As important as producing this power is the opportunity to distribute it in an effective manner.

In that way, the Nordic electricity market stands out as a good example.

We have gradually developed our common regional electricity market, a system based on trust between likeminded neighbours.

We still work well together and have good communication, also when it comes to our joint Nordic electricity market.


Working together ensures that we can increase joint benefits from the energy resources in our region.


One important reason for why our Nordic cooperation is so successful is our focus on mutual interest.


It is important that we understand and respect the differences in the energy systems in our Nordic countries.


And also understand that the different countries may have different focus points in terms of national energy politics.


The last Nordic Electricity Market Forum resulted in a new an ambitious vision for the Nordic electricity market –

approved by the Nordic Energy Ministers in Reykjavik in the spring of 2019.


The vision states that "In 2030, the Nordics should have the worlds most competitve, innovative and conusumer-oriented electricity market, that contributes to reaching the Nordic climate goals". 


We should all keep the vision in mind while working together in the future.


This forum is a great arena for discussions among the stakeholders in the market and the policy makers, and together we can contribute to making the Nordic countries achieve the 2030 vision.


The best of luck with your important work – let us continue this Nordic success story!


Thank you for your attention.






[1] https://www.nordicenergy.org/indicators/