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Dinner speech at Bocacielo, Chile

Speech held during the state visit to Chile.

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Your Majesties,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is a great honour to welcome you to this gathering here at Bocacielo.

In order to give you a little Taste of Norway, we have brought you some of our best products of the highest quality:

  • You will get to taste our very best seafood, from the cold and clear waters of Norway,
  • Norwegian lamb, a meat with a long and strong tradition in Norway,
  • Reindeer and elk - may be not so familiar for most of you.
  • Norwegian cheese, one of the world’s best.
  • And, typical Norwegian berries.

To present the dishes, we are lucky to have some of our very best chefs from Norway here tonight.

I guess we should be in the best hands!


Dear all,

Tomorrow will be an important day.

At the "Chile-Norway business Summit", we will meet again to discuss sustainable solutions to global challenges, in various forms.

I believe this gathering here tonight is a good beginning.

You have probably already started a conversation with someone standing right next to you.

About how we can work even closer to improve the cooperation between our two countries.

And how we can create new business opportunities and at the same time take care of the world.

Let me remind you that one of the greatest challenges the world faces today, is to secure enough healthy food. As a Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, I say we have to look to the oceans. The marine resources will play a crucial role in providing food for a growing world population.

That is why we must take good care of the oceans and make sure to use these marine resources sustainably. 


Norway and Chile have a particular obligation, in this regard. 

As two great seafood nations, we have to work even closer and harder to make this a global responsibility.

Together, we have to provide the world with even more sustainable seafood.

I am sure that most of you here tonight will use the opportunity to strengthen existing ties and establish new friendships.


Now it is time to taste and enjoy some of the treasures from Norway.


Thank you for your attention!

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