Get together med norsk næringsliv

Fremført i Buenos Aires, Argentina

Your Majesties,


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure being here and getting the opportunity to meet so many members of the business community in this region.

About 6 weeks ago, the Prime Minister of Norway appointed me as Minister for Trade and Industry in Norway. This is my first journey abroad holding this position and it is a great honour to represent the Norwegian government here today.


To succeed in creating values and securing a sustainable welfare society international trade is an important factor. As Norway has an open an export oriented economy, trade is of crucial importance.

This is why we pay close attention to Argentina and the developments here.


Norway has a long history in Argentina.

One of the first embassies we opened after independence in 1905, was here in Buenos Aires, in 1906.

Since then there have been strong ties between our countries, especially in the maritime and shipping industry.

For a number of years the economic ties between our countries have been rather limited. We hope that the time has now come to renew our bilateral relationship and to promote activity in new sectors.

One of the reasons for visiting Argentina is to discuss how we can increase the cooperation between our two countries, both politically and economically. Given the recent policy changes, I think there is great potential for more Norwegian investments in Argentina.

Stable and predictable framework conditions for investment are crucial to Norwegian businesses. We are optimistic that this will increasingly be the case here in Argentina, and this was a topic in my bilateral talks with Minister Faurie and Minister Cabrera yesterday.

The Argentine Government has announced that it will work to promote international trade, both within the WTO and in Mercosur.

Furthermore, the Macri Government have implemented important policy changes to provide a more business-friendly environment.

Moreover, Argentina has regained access to international capital markets after resolving the long-standing conflict with the holdout funds.

Many countries, including Norway, welcome the recent changes in Argentina.

It is also positive that Mercosur and EFTA have started negotiations for a free trade agreement. Entering into trade agreements bind ourselves to common sets of rules, because all parties benefit from doing so.

A common sets of rules will benefit both Norwegian and Argentine companies doing business internationally.

Increased international world trade can both stimulate economic growth and create much-needed jobs.

Seeing the turnout here today, I would say that the prospects are promising, and I would like to thank all the Norwegian companies present here today for travelling all the way to Argentina. Taking this opportunity to do business in a foreign market is admirable. I hope you will succeed.

Expanding into a foreign market can benefit both domestic and foreign economy. In addition, it can stimulate to value creation both home and abroad.  

All companies represented here play a key role in fulfilling our ambition. I hope you will find opportunities that lead to sustainable cooperation and profitable outcomes with new or existing Argentinian colleagues.

I believe there is great potential for more investment in Argentina by Norwegian businesses.

I hope that all of you will look into the new opportunities that Argentina is offering.

On a final note, I would like to thank our hosts and organizers in Innovation Norway for this opportunity for all of us to meet, to exchange experiences, and establish new connections in Argentina.

Thank you for your attention.

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