Hovedinnlegg på konferanse om Syrias fremtid

Utenriksminister Ine Eriksen Søreide sitt hovedinnlegg på konferanse om Syrias fremtid 30. mars 2021.

This month it is ten years since the conflict in Syria broke out. A decade of unimaginable loss and suffering. Despite a concerted international response on an enormous scale, the level of humanitarian need continues to rise.

I would like to make three points:


First: Norway will maintain a high level of support, providing approximately 190 million dollars this year. Lebanon and Jordan will remain important partners and recipients.

Norway has delivered on our commitments to the Syrian people and we will continue to do so.

We will work to ensure that the UN Security Council fulfils its responsibility to the people of Syria. Yesterday, I briefed the Council, representing Norway as co-penholder on the Syria humanitarian file together with Ireland. I made it clear that meeting the humanitarian needs of the four million civilians in northwest Syria will require the continued provision of UN cross-border assistance. Security Council resolution 2533 must be renewed.


Second, as the Secretary-General stated when marking the 10-year milestone of the Syrian conflict: improved access through all modalities is needed. The first delivery of vaccines against COVID-19 through COVAX is expected soon. All parties must facilitate access and uphold ceasefires to enable medical humanitarian teams to rollout vaccinations safely.


Third: we need to see tangible progress towards a political solution in Syria. This is the only way to to bring the humanitarian crisis to an end. All involved parties must be prepared to make difficult compromises. Norway supports the efforts of the UN Special Envoy in this regard, and recognises the important role played by the Women’s Advisory Board and Civil Society Support Room in ensuring an inclusive process.


Finally, let me acknowledge Syria’s neighbouring countries for their continued generosity in hosting millions of refugees from Syria.

Thank you.