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Åpning av Marine Harvests foredlingsfabrikk Shanghai

Næringsministeren holdt tale under åpningen av Marine Harvests nye fabrikk i Shanghai.

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Your Majesties,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure being here today at this opening. Visiting successful Norwegian companies is one of the grateful missions I make as the Norwegian Minister for Trade and Industry. This event is indeed such a mission!


One of my main responsibilities as Minister for Trade and Industry is to work for value creation, a responsibility I take seriously. To succeed in value creation, and securing a sustainable welfare society, international trade is a key factor.

One of my concerns is that Norwegian companies – whether located in Norway or abroad- take a sustainable approach in their operations and exploitation of resources.


Marine Harvest is a good representative in this regard. The opening of their new salmon factory here in Shanghai is an event that will contribute to the creation of even more value, in China, as well as in Norway.


This factory represents a new step in the Norwegian Seafood business' presence in China and commitment to the Chinese market.


Chinese consumers demand high quality seafood and want more salmon, and they want fresher salmon. A new factory such as this, close to the consumers in China will definitely meet that demand.



From this factory, our finest Norwegian salmon can reach the market faster than before. The salmon's journey from the sea in Norway to the shelves of a shop here in China can now be as little as 48 hours. As we like to say in Norway, no one is in more of a hurry than a dead salmon! Helping a fish in such a hurry to get to the market is therefore critical and valuable.



One of my purposes when visiting China is to discuss ways to increase cooperation between our two countries, both politically and economically.

The partnership between Alibaba and Marine Harvest and the signing today of their agreement is one good example of business relationships of which we would like to see more.


Free trade agreements are useful building blocks to secure a stable and predictable framework for trade in industries such as seafood. We are currently negotiating a bilateral free trade agreement. I believe this trade agreement will be a significant contribution to our bilateral relations and a testament to our friendship. I am pleased important progress was made during our negotiations here in Beijing in September.

Just now, Chinese and Norwegian business people are gathered at Hyatt on the Bund to discuss sustainable use of the oceans.


Sustainable use of the ocean is the answer to many of the largest international challenges we face today.

Healthy nutrition and sufficient sources of food, environmentally friendly transport, access to energy, marine pollution, jobs for a growing population, and the solution to the climate crisis.

Marine Harvest is one example of a responsible industry player with their vision "leading the blue revolution" and by bringing more sustainable food from the ocean to the table.


As the Chinese market is among the world's largest consumer markets for seafood, and with the new factory here in Shanghai, I hope this means even more quality products reaching even more people.


I strongly believe that only sustainable operations can ensure future development. And I hope to see even more Norwegian salmon on Chinese dinner tables and in Chinese restaurants and shops in the years to come.


Going forward I wish you the best of luck!


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